Sometimes I Cry


I told a million lies now it’s time to tell a single truth
Sometimes I cry!
It’s hard dealing with my pride not knowing whether to fight or flee
Sometimes I cry
Hard to maintain this image of a tough guy
When deep down inside I am terrified!
If I ever told you I wasn’t scared I lied
Struggling to make it back to society and my family
I cry
I cry for my son who I barely see
Due to these mountains
And me and his mom’s beef
I cry for my siblings who never knew their older brother
Because he stayed in the streets
I cry for my grandma who is now deceased
I cry for my life, half of which they took for me
I cry for my anger and rage the only emotions I can show in this place
I cry for how we treat each other inside these walls
I cry for the lack of unity we have most of all!
When will it end I want to know
Till then all I can do is let these tears flow…

My Cell


It’s in my blood, the trait of the drug
Sickled wit love for a cause that causes y’all laws
To disease young souljas 
I’m trapped in this nightmare and praying for closure
But then I see nightfall 
Then my environment slowly breathes quiet 
And dark thoughts in my mind coldly creep quiet
I’m replaying the scenes that generations have seen
A past unshorn, while my father’s genes
Fit his boy like compression
Oppression of my bloodline before the Great Depression
My blood cells got invaded by their cancers 
Genetically I’m strapped though, like Baking Soda’s Arm & Hammer
This virus…which provokes mental breakdown 
But rules been that if you get down you stay down 
That’s why I got up with the sunrise 
And pretty soon I’ll be walking across the gun line 
The gun line boss…you tried to lock me in that cell for life
It’s in my blood and my cells gon’ fight 
The hell in my cell 

Life or Last


Life sometimes unfolds unexpected things
Maybe life was meant to be tender sweet
Or maybe life was meant to hurt and sting
I’m 22 years old from Southeast, D.C.
So my young good men on Title 16
I definitely understand and know what you mean
Survival of the fittest
Chasing girls and riches
One thing as young men we must understand
Our future street goals
Is another man’s past
Life unfolds unexpected things but
We all can expect in the streets
Nothing lasts

Proverbs 13 verse 20:
He who walks with the wise men will be wise but
The companion of fools will be destroyed

Last Summer


Sleepless nights and endless love
Distractions afar
The summer haze clouding the world around us
Discrete discussions
Fingers entwined and hearts sealed
Chasing dreams of quiet storms and warm winters
Looking in to your emerald worlds
My fears ceased

I Will Cry For The Little Boy


I will cry for the little boy
In shackles and away from home
I will cry for the little boy
Trapped in a cell all alone

I will cry for the little boy
Whose heart is too cold to weep
I will cry for the little boy
Pain never lets him sleep

I will cry for the little boy
He was buried alive in the burning sand
I will cry for the little boy
The boy sentenced to life like a man

I will cry for the little boy
Who knows his soul is in chains
I will cry for the little boy
His spirit died again and again

I will cry for the little boy
A good boy he tried to be
I will cry for the little boy
That died inside of me