mass incarceration


George, Malcolm, & Che

Have been my guiding light
As my world turns.

Sitting in the same cages
They sat in before me
Reading the words they left

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Revolving Door

“What’s up nephew?! What you in here for?
I see much of myself in you, this place seem to have a revolving door.
I was your age when I caught my first adult bid.
“They” say juvy joints don’t count, I guess because I was just a kid.
But the doors look the same plus the locks haven’t changed.
It is what it seem, this place have a revolving door, it’s a shame!

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To Belong Is To Be

I’m cut from what James Farmer built.
Congress, what are you forgetting about CORE?
If I belong to what made William Garrison,
Why is the next candidate in a seat not
Fully reforming?

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We Must

We protest in the loudest voice the injustice of the “justice system”
We protest our dehumanization
We protest our victimization
We protest our torture
We protest the harsh treatment by the “justice system”

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No clothes
No shoes
No lights
No food
Child being raised by a child
Leave struggles with no rules

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