All my life I seen my words hurt so many people, but I learn today that my words can now help so many. So now I will try my best to allow my words to help and not hurt someone. I want to thank all the people that respond to my poem, all of y'all responds touch me in so many ways, thanks because y'all words will be able to help me, move on in a positive way.

– Wendell, incarcerated poet participating in On the Same Page UNITED

On the Same Page UNITED

A national project uniting incarcerated writers with the outside community. As the first year pilot project concludes, On the Same Page UNITED teams have already launched the project in seven communities: Brooklyn, NY; Arlington, VA; Takoma Park, MD; Denver, CO; Louisville, KY; San Francisco, CA; and Portland, OR. Programs are pending launch in Michigan, Texas and Massachusetts.

Is your city not on the list? Contact us at to start your own On the Same Page UNITED.

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