Kyla You Love Me Don’t You?

Kyla you love me don’t you?

Angela said “if they came for
You in the evening then they
Came for me in the morning”

But that was just a warning!

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A Free Mind Speaks

What is living when you’re limited?
Self-minded thoughts deemed confidence as the enemy.
Time go by and elevation seems descending
Locked all emotions in a small room with a very low ceiling.
Digging under my skin feels like a sin,
yet it’s the peace I hide within.

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If I Were Free

If I were free, I would cherish
every breath I breathe.

If I were free, I would cherish
every hug, and every kiss for everyday that I missed.

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Songs of a Struggle

Life is what I’m living behind these Prison Walls
Prison life a pressure, keep my back against the Wall
Separation and Death from loved ones, companions, and friends

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Strife Life

Pain and strife, I’ve known for half my life,
Pain and strife, I’ll never quit the fight,
Pain and strife, it’s a warrior’s life,
Pain and strife, a lot of tears shed at night

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