We Must

We protest in the loudest voice the injustice of the “justice system”
We protest our dehumanization
We protest our victimization
We protest our torture
We protest the harsh treatment by the “justice system”

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I’m tired of the old where is the new
New year, New month, Same ol you
Nothing feels like new shoes
New love or a new car
Except new blues or a release date not too far

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Who Would Know?

Who would know I got my mind right?
It’s obvious that at home I was blind
But who would know I got my eye sight.
I have an L plus 50
Which means they want me to be locked up beyond life.

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See and Be Seen

My creativity revealed the
Viewpoint for integrity & identity
In the world where Black artists
Can struggle with partial justice
And support my strange response
Could help power our community
With social love

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Phantasmagorical Echoes

Dear people of this planet,
Kings, Queens, Citizens,
of this lonely, stone-skipping on universe waters,
of this cozy blue pebble that we choose to call earth.

I want to tell you that Today we exist;
That Today, we walk on a path
forged by the blood of preceding ancestors

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