Closet Monster

I’ll never forget the first time we kissed, Bruno Mars was singing one of his hits
We stayed behind on that school ski trip
You had such soft lips, but that’s where the fairy tale ends
You and I we were never friends, you didn’t even try to pretend

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We drove to your parents’ home, out in suburbia talking about all the things you wish you could change.
Like that man you see for help with your head and the way you see yourself, or the way your parents run their house.
But that’s life in suburbia; where house wives drink all day, as the husbands work for the man for just enough pay.

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Speak Your Truth

allow your words to define who you are through your actions!
and trust that I see you for you, because we are all trying to reach the same goal,
a perfect place to embrace amongst the multicolor of the rainbow.

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