What’s Art

Art is…
The heart’s expression
Of the impressions
That life leaves upon us.

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Forever I can write or shine light or
let my mind develop a plight
On how to ascend or pedal up the next flight or height
with my eyes locked tight on the goals of the flow,
I write from what I imbibe.

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To My Peeps

I want to let you know
how you made me feel tonight

Tryna convey my emotions to words
will not suffice

A simple ‘thank you’ seems mediocre
Because you deserve so much more

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Me and My Pen

The bond we share is unbreakable
The love I have for you is not overrated
The feeling I have for you is real
The energy you give me is good

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Story of My Life

My life is like a notebook filled with empty pages
Bitter words and blank statements
I stare at the pages and try to picture
What should go in these spaces

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