Life with Poetry

Your life is the story that I have been looking for,
that voice and vision in which makes me see you in me.

Day after day, year after year
dying to be free, and then you appear
so beautifully expressing the meaning
of divine unity.

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Untitled (Caged Bird)

Caged bird…Caged bird,
Why do you STILL sing?
Seemingly… Wings clipped,
Does that make the melody that you sing all the more sweeter?

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What’s Art

Art is…
The heart’s expression
Of the impressions
That life leaves upon us.

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Me and My Pen

The bond we share is unbreakable
The love I have for you is not overrated
The feeling I have for you is real
The energy you give me is good

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See and Be Seen

My creativity revealed the
Viewpoint for integrity & identity
In the world where Black artists
Can struggle with partial justice
And support my strange response
Could help power our community
With social love

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