[My poems] aren't just my work, that's our work. Do you know I could hardly read when I met you? Them poems are the product of Free Minds. I owe a lot to you.

– Antwan, Age 21

Books Read in Book Club

Every week, 16- and 17-year-olds charged and incarcerated as adults at the DC Jail gather together to discuss a work of contemporary literature. Books are chosen by the members themselves via a “book ballot,” a democratic process that motivates them to take an active role as readers and demonstrates that the Book Club belongs to them. Below is a list of titles chosen, read and discussed by Book Club since 2002.

Books Read in the Juvenile Book Club

In 2016, Free Minds expanded to include young adults at the DC Jail in addition to juveniles charged as adults. We welcome your suggestions for new titles! Please email us at mail@freemindsbookclub.org with any recommendations.

Books Read in Federal Prison Book Club

When Free Minds members are transferred to federal prison, we continue to send them a book a month. Free Minds members in the Prison Book Club vote on a quarterly book club selection, which they read and discuss through correspondence. Free Minds also sends personalized book selections for each member, based on their own interests and experiences. Every Prison Book Club member received 12 books per year.

For the full list of books, visit our Goodreads page.