I’m frustrated, I’m mad,
deep down inside I’m sad,
I messed up, I crashed,
I’m really down bad,
I see the light,
it moves further away if I accept my plight
so I struggle, I fight,
I pray that I’ll be guided and be alright.

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More Than My Crime

I am more than my crime,
I am more than my crime,
I had to say it twice,
Because if I’m lying, I’m dying.

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We See Nothing Wrong

Patching up holes in “old” drywall,
Sanding down all that lies rough,
Painting over mistakes with white paint…
Left me with a “spot” of new.

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Story of My Life

My life is like a notebook filled with empty pages
Bitter words and blank statements
I stare at the pages and try to picture
What should go in these spaces

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Change 4 What!

Why is it that when I’m happy
They seem mad

Why is it when I smile
They look sad

I look in the mirror
And wonder if it’s me that they see

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