Walking by Faith and Not by Sight

Just because someone stumbles and lose their way
Doesn’t mean that they’re lost forever!
I used to wake up in the morning not knowing what
That day was going to bring
And I still don’t

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A Gift If You Choose to Accept

If I could give you anything, I’d surely extend to you the immeasurable gift of hope…
Because when life and all those you trusted turn their
backs this element should help you progressively cope…
Through the hardships that are current, and the struggles that are sure to come…
So be motivated regardless of your shortcomings because
the battles lost turn into lessons of the wars you won…

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I remember being in the streets living
Project living, dreams of making millions
But project living earned me a spot in the system
Times got hard
So I prayed to Allah

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In the Name of Allah

I asked Allah for a rose,
he sent me a bouquet….

I asked Allah for a minute,
he sent me a day….

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By MV I was fortunate to walk this earth with my feet To the earth will my elements go Back to dust for someone else’s being, once I’m deceased I was replenished by water, the sun’s rays against my face Once I’m gone, my fluids will concede Returning to its original stream I meditated on…

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