Embracing My Future

The secure embrace holds me in place
Keep me steady, slows my pace
Helps me see the light at the end of a dark tunnel
The storms have finally ceased, no longer a deep funnel

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My Little Flower II

To my Beautiful Little Flower,
You are life’s testament to what she can do.
From a tiny little seed,
My proudest accomplishment is watching you bloom.

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…On A Mountain Top…

I found my love on a mountain top
Lounging beneath the sun
Resplendent, paradise like in her glory
like a (Rose) wildflower in tall grass

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We drove to your parents’ home, out in suburbia talking about all the things you wish you could change.
Like that man you see for help with your head and the way you see yourself, or the way your parents run their house.
But that’s life in suburbia; where house wives drink all day, as the husbands work for the man for just enough pay.

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When I Fall

There are so many levels to the word fall
I’ve tried to find ways to explain them all

Autumn is my favorite season
Using the word fall seems like treason

It’s such an easy way to say something that feels so beautiful
Cool, crisp wind & fresh air that’s so plentiful

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