P.O.M.E (Product of My Environment)

I from where what you see is what you get
most things I’ve seen I want to forget
But I’ll remember this forever!
Sunny shining and it’s still bad weather
Think its a dream But it’s a living nightmare
growing up in the hood made me want to get out of there
But it’s hard to get out of the trap!!

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A wounded soul,
A broken heart,
A battle for mental repairment.
I compare your tone with the look in your eyes,
To your embrace which states explicitly in utter silence…

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George, Malcolm, & Che

Have been my guiding light
As my world turns.

Sitting in the same cages
They sat in before me
Reading the words they left

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Come Let Us Build A New World Together

Can you see me kneeling and praying?
Thank GOD we’ve come a long way from,
the segregated swimming pools,
From mapping out plans to continue,
Freedom Rides,
In a Nation whose people are Free.

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Strife Life

Pain and strife, I’ve known for half my life,
Pain and strife, I’ll never quit the fight,
Pain and strife, it’s a warrior’s life,
Pain and strife, a lot of tears shed at night

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