The Author

I got your hug today
Not with your arms but my shoulders
As alway I’m astounded by how far
It raised my spirits and hopes

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Free Mind

I got a Free Mind, full of lots of thoughts and ideas
My body locked up in the pen, but my mind is not here
I know I’m finally coming home at the end of the year
Every time I think about it, my eyes almost shed a tear

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See and Be Seen

My creativity revealed the
Viewpoint for integrity & identity
In the world where Black artists
Can struggle with partial justice
And support my strange response
Could help power our community
With social love

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Phantasmagorical Echoes

Dear people of this planet,
Kings, Queens, Citizens,
of this lonely, stone-skipping on universe waters,
of this cozy blue pebble that we choose to call earth.

I want to tell you that Today we exist;
That Today, we walk on a path
forged by the blood of preceding ancestors

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Get It Done

Trying to make it through
And get to the finish line
I feel like I’m going to pass out
But I continue and keep striving

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