Poem: “Quien no Sabe?”

Quien no Sabe?

Quien no sabe que la tierra pesa?
Quien no sabe que el fuego quema?
Todos saben que hay cosas que lastiman
Pero hay quienes les conocen que el encierro
Es un sufrimiento del que no se puede escapar,
Hay quienes no saben lo que es reír por no llorar
Hay muchos que desconocen el sufrimiento

Nadie sabe lo que es sufrir
Hasta que la experiencia les toca vivir

Quien no sabe que la tierra pesa?
Quien no sabe que el fuego quema?
El ser un sobreviviente del encierro basta
Para ser un testigo del sufrimiento
Basta la experiencia para ver que hasta que no has estado presente
No conoces lo que es sufrir
Puedes escuchar historias, leer artículos, imaginar,
Tratar de estar en los zapatos de el que ha sufrido
No es lo mismo
La experiencia lo cambia todo

Who Does Not Know?

Who does not know that earth is heavy?
Who does not know that fire burns?
Everyone knows that there are some things that hurt
But there are some that know that imprisonment
Is a suffering one can not escape
There are some that know what it is to laugh so you don’t cry
There are many who are unaware of suffering

No one knows what suffering is
Until they live the experience

Who does not know that earth is heavy?
Who does not know that fire burns?
Surviving imprisonment is enough
To make you a witness to suffering
Enough experience to see that until you have not been present
You don’t know what it means to suffer
You can listen to stories, read articles, imagine,
Try to be in the shoes of one who has suffered
It’s not the same
Experience changes everything

Poem: “Too Young”

Too Young


Too young to be over DC Jail

But you can’t be afraid

So to stay out of trouble you watch TV and play spades

You try to be cool and protect your space

Because you don’t want to get in a fight and get maced

Too young to smoke

But you are never too young to hope

Poem: “If There Were More”

If There Were More…

If there were more things for the children to do in the community,
it would decrease murder, drug dealing from the youth.
Put recreational centers for them.
When the kids growing up and see people on the corner
with money and cars, shooting every night
they are going to like it
and want to become a fast money getter.

Look at it in a different way.
We are not raised this way
but people think children don’t see anything
but we see it all
then we become a victim of the system.

It took for me to come to jail to want something in life.
I want to be a firefighter or an architect.
But if there were more things for me to do in my neighborhood
I would not be here.
If there were more things for us children to do…

Instead of waiting, let’s take action and help the children,
so they can become successful and not disrespectful.

If there were more…

Poem: “Redemption”



is a lot on your mind

so it makes me want to shine

so when people look they might go blind

I live in the tree something like a pine

when I reach I’m reaching for the sun

and it’s the first time …

I’m not reaching for a gun.

Poem: “The Road for Me”

The Road for Me

Three months I’ve been in jail in one month it changed me.
My first poem “Change” was the new me.
I’m mad it took this to help me see.
There’s better things than just being on the block doing nothing.
I understand that you many have grew up on crime and don’t know anything.
But change is easy just let it be.
The things I did was for the adrenaline rush and out of curiosity.
I’ve done what I wanted and I won’t look back twice.
I’m looking forward to a better life.
I’m telling you if you’re doing crimes that road will leave you no reward at the ending.
I’m telling you that’s the wrong road from the beginning.