Melissa Perez. Say her name!
Daniel Garcia. Say his name!

Come on America, how many more loved ones must we lose to the sound a gun makes?
How much more can one society take?

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Closet Monster

I’ll never forget the first time we kissed, Bruno Mars was singing one of his hits
We stayed behind on that school ski trip
You had such soft lips, but that’s where the fairy tale ends
You and I we were never friends, you didn’t even try to pretend

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Learning to forgive can be difficult in the beginning when you are not used to forgiving.
But when you learn to forgive a person for mistreatment, hurt or pain, or maybe it
Could be forgiven that person for their past decision or decisions that you may despise.

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How Many Angels?

Dear America
How many angels
gunned down
in schools
out shopping
before heaven fills up?

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77 Minutes

For 77 min they waited to go inside
For 77 mins they waited to save their lives
Were their lives not that important?

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