No clothes
No shoes
No lights
No food
Child being raised by a child
Leave struggles with no rules

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Strength is born when you mourn
And sorrow leads to success that no one can suppress
Unless it is used wrong and not as a stepping stone

Which is why I don’t seek solace
Instead I acknowledge that no one will respect me
If I don’t use grief correctly

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Strong and Fearless

By RA We are faced with new times. Our homes have become workplaces and schools. I know some days it may get the best of you but try to understand and believe you can overcome anything you’re faced with because you are strong and fearless women. You’re the strongest people we know. You have overcome…

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Broken Souls

By AE They are cast aside, rejected, Longing for that day, dejected, Harboring torment, desperate, Illusions of normality. Twisted, sick, corrupt captors, Like a black hole, it sucks you in; The environment, the elements, rhetoric, Nontransparent and hidden from society. To our families, once begotten, But now only forgotten, They are broken around him, Fallen,…

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I Forgot Who I Was

By HW I woke up one day feeling powerless & caged. I felt lost and afraid, it was freedom I craved! I felt like no one loved me & I was all alone. I felt young & lost, but I’m fully grown. Beat down by life & my own mind. I let myself down and…

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