My inner love speaks. I stand still. I listen.
I take in the birds, the ants, the people, the air.
Everything connected to me by the Divine.
Is it illogical I would exist entirely orphaned.

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I Color the Moon

I color the moon in bright colors.
I use millions of delightful and colorful flowers to color the moon:
Deep maroon with purple tropical orchids;
Sunflowers with extended yellow streaks; roses with white petals and crimson blemishes.

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Untitled (Eager)

Eager to be in the wind, and to swim with no doubt.
Thoughts becoming perplexed, and never living in doubt.
Eager to be free, eager to see.

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Weather’s A Person

Seasons are like people and not because they change.
They all have different traits some have snow, and some have rain.
Got to wear 3 jackets only winter for the blame.
Spring comes round to bring you summer which brings sunlight
through your window pane.

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When I Fall

There are so many levels to the word fall
I’ve tried to find ways to explain them all

Autumn is my favorite season
Using the word fall seems like treason

It’s such an easy way to say something that feels so beautiful
Cool, crisp wind & fresh air that’s so plentiful

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