When I Fall

There are so many levels to the word fall
I’ve tried to find ways to explain them all

Autumn is my favorite season
Using the word fall seems like treason

It’s such an easy way to say something that feels so beautiful
Cool, crisp wind & fresh air that’s so plentiful

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Autumn In My Mind

Temperatures cool to signal the change
clothing layers increase to acknowledge the same
leaves fade and trees grow bare
the vibe of autumn is clearly in the air.

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I had awakened and it felt
Like a rainy day
yet the clouds had nothing
to say
They spend most of the day
just passing by

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I hear the birds
and I smell freedom
I taste it.

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I keep looking at these trees
From this window, I can see
Them inside the cemetery
Each evening and now
They stand between me and the sky
I imagine weeping willows in the south

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