growing up

They Don’t Hear Me

The sound of my mother’s voice
“J.R. you are not dumb,
just pay attention”
as I sit staring at the math problems
the tutor has in front of me

but they don’t hear me

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I Was Lost Now I’m Found

I chased the soccer ball as a child
My mind only set on scoring a goal,
Our mothers continued talking among themselves.
Wondering aloud how they could be able to pay all the bills.

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Walking by Faith and Not by Sight

Just because someone stumbles and lose their way
Doesn’t mean that they’re lost forever!
I used to wake up in the morning not knowing what
That day was going to bring
And I still don’t

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Judged Cover

I’m known on a last name basis
In a place
Where numbers come with faces
Will you ever know me
On a first name basis?
More than the name I mean
I’m more than a criminal, you see
I once had dreams

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Child of the Ghetto

By AF Young child of the ghetto, Through your eyes I can see the pain, Memories of the past roaming through your brain, Friends, family, and the people we used to know blood’s been washed up by the rain. Your heart then grew colder, and acts of violence have gotten bolder, Feeling the whole world…

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