growing up

Men Cry Too

Growing up I was taught to be tough, that boys don’t cry
Showing emotions meant that you was weak.
So I went through life with my feelings absent,
only absorbing pain on this rough journey.

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Dear Mama

Dear Mama, I want you to know that I love you so much.
Through all the hard times, you held your head up.

Dear Mama, you work so hard five days a week.
Just so I could have clothes, a roof over my head
And something to eat.

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P.O.M.E (Product of My Environment)

I from where what you see is what you get
most things I’ve seen I want to forget
But I’ll remember this forever!
Sunny shining and it’s still bad weather
Think its a dream But it’s a living nightmare
growing up in the hood made me want to get out of there
But it’s hard to get out of the trap!!

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A Free Mind Speaks

What is living when you’re limited?
Self-minded thoughts deemed confidence as the enemy.
Time go by and elevation seems descending
Locked all emotions in a small room with a very low ceiling.
Digging under my skin feels like a sin,
yet it’s the peace I hide within.

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Concrete Rose

I struggle, embedded in the pavement, my fight is everlasting, the elements are against me but my will to survive is far greater than the obvious destruction around me. The things that are supposed to destroy me I use to strengthen my resolve. I call on God when I am weak, he answers my prayers because in him I place my faith to rise from the bricks of this concrete jungle where it seems no one cares…

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