Walking by Faith and Not by Sight


Just because someone stumbles and lose their way
Doesn’t mean that they’re lost forever!
I used to wake up in the morning not knowing what
That day was going to bring
And I still don’t
Furthermore my life, not caring at all.
And not knowing whether I should care or not
Feeling alone and abandoned with no father figure in my life.
Relying on a woman, my mother!
To show me right wrong, and how to be a man
When I was just a boy!
Going through obstacle after obstacle, betrayal after betrayal
Backstab, after stab, broken heart after broken heart
I guess I was looking for whatever I was looking for
In all the wrong places
Maybe it was love or maybe it was attention
Making all of the wrong left and right turns
Lead me right to the deadland that I was so in a rush to get to
Walking everyone’s else walks but my own.
Someone told me that the hardest lesson learned are the
Best lessons learned (then a voice in my head said)
You of all people don’t belong here! You’ve got to get out!
You’ve got to do what you were put here to do!
It was so intense!
All I could do was think about my family. My kids
The women that I plan on spending the rest of my life with,
My mother and siblings.
Then the voice spoke again and said
But it will get worse before it gets better, and you will go
Down fast, very fast
But don’t worry, it’s all part of his plan
And the voice continued to say!
You will go down, you will go underneath the bottom
So far beneath that it will seem like there’s no way up
But that’s when God! Will step in
And if you let him, not only will he bring you up. He will propel
You to heights that are unimaginable
He will take you to such triumphs that no one (not even you)
Will be able to deny that it was him (and I can’t)
I’ve been stabbed twice
I’ve been shot and could have died, I’ve used drugs that could
Have killed me, they’re called trials and tribulations!
I have a story to tell, that’s meant to help, stop, or save
Someone else’s life from destruction
If that’s God’s plan I’m with it, I don’t need to see where he’s
Leading me, I just need to get there
That’s what walking by faith is, letting go and letting God!
Walking by faith and not by sight, see now, I know that.
Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of
Things not seen
So do I trust him? (yes)
Do I have faith in him? (yes)
Do I believe in Him? (yes) with all of my heart
So now I’ll just ride on the passenger side of this car and let Him drive
So if I’m not riding, I guess I’ll be walking
Walking by faith and not by sight
(How about you?)
If you put God!!! in your plans you can make them
As big as you want!

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