Walking by Faith and Not by Sight

Just because someone stumbles and lose their way
Doesn’t mean that they’re lost forever!
I used to wake up in the morning not knowing what
That day was going to bring
And I still don’t

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#R.I.P. G-Pops

By AME You left so fast and I cried for days I’ve been angry and beyond depressed All these bottled up feelings are hard to express I smoked so much weed and drunk so much drank I didn’t even shower and ran the streets until I stank Why did you leave when I needed you…

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By AG The story of freedom always was a work of art A picture perfect dream that melted my heart, We defeated the odds We as a nation seen our first black president In the land of the free, and I’m proud to be a resident Everlasting victory, we made classic history But as of…

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