Mothers of the Movement


“Mothers of the Movement”
A group of strong women who seek to have the senseless killings stop
Who’s tired of weeping, when another youth is killed by gun violence

“Mothers of the Movement”
A group of mothers who become stimulated of dealing with so much
Before saying enough is enough
They need the support system to address the mental state
They are going through behind their issues

“Mothers of the Movement”
A group of parents whose children had the American dream
But now suffering from the emptiness
That’s full of screams with many shattered dreams

“Mothers of the Movement”
Is the voice of women across the United States and worldwide
Who’s fighting against the injustice in our communities from the lack of understanding
And communication among the people and law enforcement
We didn’t plan this
We need to stay united together and fight the crisis against mental health, police brutality,
Gun violence, regardless of creed and race
They must stay strong!

“Mothers of the Movement”
This is dedicated to all mothers worldwide!

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