Ever since you’ve been in my life
It hasn’t been a day or hour you haven’t been on my mind
And I get an unexplainable feeling
Lovin’ you and knowin’ you all mine
At only 8 months now, your smile and laugh alone
Makes my life just shine
And for anyone to say you isn’t
One of the most beautiful babies that they ever saw
They will be lying   
Ma’ziyah, you is the air I breathe
The earth I walk on and the heart that’s in my chest
And without you in my life and body
I will gladly die like all of the rest…
I never thought I could love so strong
But ever since your mother had you
All of the thinking is now gone
I felt something in my heart that was never there
And at first I was livin’ life not carin’ about livin’ or dyin’
But you have given me a reason to 4ever care
You is daddy’s princess and I’m so glad
That I made you and that you is as beautiful as ever
And I will always be by your side and will be here
To help you through whatever
I know you can’t understand a lot of things right now
And can’t read this letter
But I’m going to promise you
I will never leave your side again
I will change for you and do better
Every time I look at you knowin’ I can’t be there
It makes me so sad
But I try to stay as strong as possible
And keep smilin’ from getting’ so mad
But I’m going to stop this poem a little short
‘Cause it makin’ me feel down like I need to cry
And no matter there or not, dead or alive,
It will always be “I’ll see you later” and never goodbye!

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