Hold Up, Just Wait!


I am running from the fast life
Because I want to see a change
I am running like a speed boat
When I look over my shoulder
I see somebody hating
Telling me I am nothing
They don’t want to see me shine
I be maxin’ out
But I still know that I’m gonna be something in life

I am running from the idea of being in jail
Because I feel like my life’s not going to change
Until I get out
But that’s not true
I’ve gotta have the mindset
I’ve gotta have faith
That I’m gonna make a big change
If I run fast enough
I’m gonna succeed

I am running towards the stage
I want attention
I want the whole world to see me doing my thing
I am running towards that green
That paper
But I want clean money
Not dirty money
I am running towards success
I am running to succeed
I am running thru the moonlight
Like Neil Armstrong

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