This is not a poem
It’s not a sonnet
It’s not a written piece of verse

It’s not a prose inscription
Arranged poetically
It’s not an essay of few words

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Free Minds Poem

When nobody was there, you was
When life brings me down, you’re always there to help me up
When I’m not feeling good, you always know what to say to put a smile on my face
It’s like you can read my mind even though we are so far away
And when I thought life was blank, you guys taught me how to pick back up my pen again
So I wanna thank all of my Free Minds friends for helping me open my camera lens

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While Doing Time

By PM A Kyrielle poem While doing time, I found Free Minds While doing time, I see I shine While doing time, I learned to write While doing time, my poems got tight While doing time, I think outside While doing time, I’m still inside While doing time, I learned a lot While doing time,…

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I Really Do This

By BG I love to write my thoughts with paper and ink If only to get a response of what it is you think When I want to, I lay down and write rhymes In the form of poetry line after line Sometimes it takes a minute or two Others five, though it’s all true…

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Poem with a Verse

By AC Let me take you to a place I like to go, when I’m looking for some answers to the many, many questions about things that I don’t know. There is no car that could take you on this road, no shoes that could make your steps feel any lighter, and there is no…

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