Kyla You Love Me Don’t You?


Kyla you love me don’t you?

Angela said “if they came for
You in the evening then they
Came for me in the morning”

But that was just a warning!

Florence, Assata, Betty, Winni &
Wanda taught me the 1st act
Of revolt is love when they
Wrapped their arms and
That this country is so sick
Instead of putting out the fires
They would rather break the


  1. Emily on February 17, 2024 at 12:42 PM

    This poem is a beautiful celebration of love and unity and represents the resilience of the human spirit. I love the references to inspiring figures like Florence Nightingale and Wanda Coleman, who serve as reminders of the strength and courage found in those who have paved the way for justice and equality. Thank you for sharing.

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