It was heard and seen around the world
As time elapsed, people stared at the unexplainable
While excessive force compelled pain to consume the air
“I can’t breathe!”

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Heather Heyer

By KW Your mother put it best, “They tried to kill my child to shut her up. Well, guess what? You just magnified her” You can rest assured, Heather, I will never forget you My expression when speaking of you will always show How much I respect the stance you took against divisiveness How you…

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By HF What is WOKE in this day and age Is it simply activism only from a social media page? Is it an afro and a pick? An Olympic stage raised clinched fist Consciously eating organic kale salad While digesting an Erykah Badu ballad Is it Nat Turner’s unspoken rage? An Angela Davis gaze Is…

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