First Poem


Is this how my life is supposed to end?
Alone and locked up in the pen, down on my luck and up against the wind
It seems like my confidence is slipping and setting in is depression and misery
I can’t blame nobody for this problem but me
My youngest daughter doesn’t even know me
And the others are grown and don’t need daddy no more
Thinking about that reality keeps me up at night and it hurts me to my core
I pray to God to help me to stay strong and survive
Help me to turn my life around for it is greatness that I strive
I know I wasn’t the best father in the world
But can’t nobody say that the most important thing to me wasn’t my girls
Even if it’s our bond you want to sever
Just know that you are tatted on me and will be in my heart forever
So as I sit in this cold, concrete box with a heart full of pain
I will not stop fighting until I’m one day free and with my girls again
So God please forgive me for my sins
For home with my girl is where I belong
Help me to right my wrongs and allow me to finally move on

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