First Poem

Is this how my life is supposed to end?
Alone and locked up in the pen, down on my luck and up against the wind
It seems like my confidence is slipping and setting in is depression and misery
I can’t blame nobody for this problem but me

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End of the Road

By TG 3:30 in the morning not a soul in sight. The prisons like a ghost town when the guards turn off the lights. Teardrops only tattoos there’s no crying for my sins. I’m heading back to somewhere I said I’ll never go again. end of the road end of the road End of the…

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By AJ Suicide… I’m going insane.  I can’t control my thinking I wake up in the middle of the night sweating rivers from crazy dreaming It’s a problem, a problem dat I cannot take care of at the moment But it’s been on my mind all day and it won’t go away. I can’t control…

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