Real Life

What is your part in this life?
The role you’re pretending to play!
Before you realize that, out of sight, you’re a memory.
that begins to fade.

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Untitled (Caged Bird)

Caged bird…Caged bird,
Why do you STILL sing?
Seemingly… Wings clipped,
Does that make the melody that you sing all the more sweeter?

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A New Start

Let the desolation and frustration fill up my lungs
Like tears fill up your eyes, and also mine;
Like river waters, which turned into oceans, fill up the clouds;
Let them all fill up with content,
Until they satisfy the need in our hearts

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When I Fall

There are so many levels to the word fall
I’ve tried to find ways to explain them all

Autumn is my favorite season
Using the word fall seems like treason

It’s such an easy way to say something that feels so beautiful
Cool, crisp wind & fresh air that’s so plentiful

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Fork in the Road

On the path I was given, I’ve seen many things…
Devils with no horns…
Angels without wings…
Flowers that never bloomed, to roses that grew from rocks…
Dreams locked in a room, minds glow in the dark…
As with the many courses laid, many choices were made
Some for better, some for worse, others still being played…

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