They Don’t Hear Me

The sound of my mother’s voice
“J.R. you are not dumb,
just pay attention”
as I sit staring at the math problems
the tutor has in front of me

but they don’t hear me

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We used to chase the moon so we could play around with stars
until the sun stole all the fun, we were the dark, some of
us fade away, we only come to play for a bit…
When shadows dance with shadows, yeah, shadows dance
with shadows…

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Nostalgic Paintings: That One Song

I still remember those moonlit nights all those years ago.
I was just a child,
But the memory of your face will never go.
These nostalgic paintings
Created on the canvas of my head
Will always hold your voice, your warmth, your smile.

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Child of the Ghetto

By AF Young child of the ghetto, Through your eyes I can see the pain, Memories of the past roaming through your brain, Friends, family, and the people we used…

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The Start of a New End

By TC Age one, living life as a toddler lucky enough to have a father and mother Age two, growing up getting everything I want Age three, feels like I’m…

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