Nostalgic Paintings: That One Song


I still remember those moonlit nights all those years ago.
I was just a child,
But the memory of your face will never go.
These nostalgic paintings
Created on the canvas of my head
Will always hold your voice, your warmth, your smile.

I still remember the pounding of my heart
As I laid in bed,
Replaying the precious moments of the day
That I spent by your side;
Slow tunes carrying my soul on waves of harmony,
Like a raft floating on the ocean, under the stars.

I still remember the name of that one song,
The one that for a second allowed me to believe
That only if you would hear it,
You would know how much I loved you
And just how much you meant to me.
But then again, I was only just a kid.

Author’s note: I was around 12. She was like 2/3 years older than me, and I honestly never got around to telling her that I “loved” her. The song was “Una Aventura” by Grupo Niche. My favorite thing about the Hispanic Culture is our music. Enjoy!

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