Family Picture

By LC After Slugg: A Boy’s Life in the Age of Mass Incarceration by Tony Lewis Jr. There’s something missing with this picture As I wake onto a random day In a random hood In a random city In America I listen Listen to the voice of my mother Shouting down the bickering of my…

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War Child

By NH Inspired by the book War Child by Emmanuel Jal Oh War Child, look at what you have become Oppressed by a system that forced you to become wild In the merge of guns and a mind that has no conscious you have become a war child Seeing blood flow from out the flesh…

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Ruined At Birth

By A.G. Ruined     From the day I was born                              To walk, running across the street                         To the sound of my name being called Almost got hit by the 96 bus Ruined      From the day I could talk               Scared to ask questions          Because I didn’t want to feel    …

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