A moment of silence for the frontline workers risking their lives and those we have lost to COVID-19

Close your eyes, inhale the essence of fresh air
And picture yourself floating on a cloud that heals your heart –
Cleanses your soul

Picture yourself dancing in the rain
Ecstatic of overcoming uncertainty

Picture yourself in the wake of a thunderstorm –
Sun breaking, rainbow in the sky

Feel yourself at the ocean’s shore
Listening to the screaming waves

Feel yourself at the riverbank
Anticipating going for a swim

Breathe for the ones we lost –
Let your heartbeat carry their legacies over the hills of the valley
Through strong winds and under the sky of their heavenly home

Kisses to the mothers, hugs to the fathers –
Gone but never forgotten

Exhale and breathe life back into the world


  1. I have family members who are essential workers and I loved this piece.

    Thank you so much for it.

  2. Lisa Joan Reardon says

    This is beautiful and powerful. It helps for anyone in the myriad difficult situations life brings. I like the line “floating on a cloud that heals your heart – Cleanses your soul”. Thank you for remembering and honoring the frontline workers, so many of whom have died from COVID-19.

  3. SM I truly enjoyed reading your poem. This poem to me means that this world is crazy, fast, loud, and difficult. Because of that we need to remember to enjoy the silence, accept it and take a second to gather ourselves and try to relax. People often get so caught up in what is going on in the world around them that they never take a break for themself and relax. A lot of your poem uses senses to make the reader try to feel what is being described. Using senses are really good for getting people out of panic attacks, and anxiety attacks because it tries to make you feel something else than what you are feeling at that moment in time. I think this message of people needing to take time for themselves is very stong because taking care of yourself is very important to living a happy lifestyle. Thank you for sharing your poem.

  4. In a weird way jobs that were overlooked seemed to become frontline due to covid. The world has changed and life as we know it will never be the same. Your writing makes me think about how much silence I’ve been in since COVID has started. Being stuck in a house has forced me to spend a lot of quiet time to myself to reflect, be thankful for the little things, and most of all remember that I am living. Keep writing and inspiring others!

  5. Your poem is truly amazing. I first read it internally, but it was so good that I had to reread it aloud. Giving it a voice makes it even more powerful. I could feel so many emotions running through me. I could picture every single thing you wanted us to picture. At the last line, I actually exhaled and somehow I felt relieved. It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you for writing something so amazing.

  6. Abigail Cross says

    Wow. This poem has spectacular imagery; I could picture every line of the poem as I read it. I like that this poem exudes a message of hope, despite all the negative things that have happened as a result of this virus. I am sorry if this virus has affected you personally. Keep writing!

  7. I love how positive this poem is despite everything going on in the world around us. Remembering to take imagine a happy place is so important.

  8. This poem uses beautiful nature imagery that is very comforting in these difficult times. I could see this poem being read at a vigil or remembrance ceremony and there is so much love in it.

  9. SM, this poem is so wonderful. You use such creative, descriptive language – I can’t help but to picture myself dancing in the rain, like you said. Thank you for sharing this, I hope you keep writing!

  10. SM,

    I closed my eyes after reading this and really let these words sink in. Silence is such an important but hard things to find at times; I hope you find silence and solace in your writing. I know I try to make time for silent reflection in my day to day life. I am sending prayers to all those that you have lost and wishing you well now. Your words are heard from here.

    Caity, Washington D.C.

  11. Maya Small says

    SM, this is such a beautiful poem! Your imagery is powerful and I really felt like I was experiencing everything you wrote. I especially love the lines, “inhale the essence of fresh air/And picture yourself floating on a cloud that heals your heart.” Despite being about such a difficult time in our lives, you are able to remind us of the beauty in our world, in nature, and I so appreciate that right now. Thank you for sharing this! Best, Maya

  12. I loved how calming this poem was. It was like I felt that moment of clarity when you’re standing before the ocean or a precipice like you wrote. As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize the complexity of silence. As an ambivert, I need to have moments of alone time and silence. But I’ve also realized silence can be harmful, too. Too much silence for one person makes you unused to social interaction, which I’ve struggled with since isolation. Silence in other situations like politics and social activism can also be harmful (unless it’s, say, a silent vigil like you started your poem with). It’s insane to me how complicated a simple concept like silemce can be.

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