Sing to Me, Brandon

Sing to me, Brandon
early hours of the morning
sky pretending in its darkness
that daylight never comes

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We used to chase the moon so we could play around with stars
until the sun stole all the fun, we were the dark, some of
us fade away, we only come to play for a bit…
When shadows dance with shadows, yeah, shadows dance
with shadows…

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Collateral Damage

The day you decided
To take my father’s life
Uncertainty and loneliness coincided
You might as well of taken mine
I tried my best to hide it
But I really wasn’t fine

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Strength is born when you mourn
And sorrow leads to success that no one can suppress
Unless it is used wrong and not as a stepping stone

Which is why I don’t seek solace
Instead I acknowledge that no one will respect me
If I don’t use grief correctly

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By SM A moment of silence for the frontline workers risking their lives and those we have lost to COVID-19 Silence! Close your eyes, inhale the essence of fresh air And picture yourself floating on a cloud that heals your heart – Cleanses your soul Silence! Picture yourself dancing in the rain Ecstatic of overcoming…

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