Whose, Who


Can you see, see?
Whose really free, free?
We are caged, people are caged, animals are caged
This keeps me so, so raged!
Because the plague, plague raged, that, that
Caged, caged…
Counties, communities, cities, countries
All plagued, plagued, even the dead
Rage that ignited rage, that swept, kept
Many caged and when we turn the page…
We see, see, so many have aged from being caged
People urged to stay caged from the plague that
Swooped in like the rage, and ate away the aged
Rage that invades men, women, children, and moves
So rude, that the people intrude—intruding –
They storm, swarm, and looking enraged…
Trying to overturn and overhang
Now they too are among the raged that is caged
From east to west, to north to south
From shelter, to apartment, to house, to hospital
To nursing home, to jail cell, to prison cell
All feeling like hell, in the midst of this spell
That has left the rest in a shell, telling tales
We’re all caged, with rage, all on edge
Wonder, wondering when, when, when, you, me
And we can be free, free, free…
We all want…
Can you see, whose really free, free, free or do you see?

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