Sing to Me, Brandon


Content warning: suicide

Sing to me, Brandon
early hours of the morning
sky pretending in its darkness
that daylight never comes

Sing to me, Brandon
of the times we spent
drinking, laughing, living
before you went away

Sing to me, Brandon
of my failure to follow
of my scramble to live
and my fear of…everything

Sing to me, Brandon
in the nightmares you visit
with your eight-ball hemorrhages
shattered teeth in my mouth

Sing with me, Brandon
when we meet again
and all I’ve done since
won’t mean anything

Note: Spc. Brandon W. shot himself at 5:40 AM on a Thursday before PT. I tried to give him mouth to mouth, yet he still passed away. This still causes me nightmares and pain, even though it happened in 1998. I miss my friend.

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