Change 4 What!

By BF aka Sadeyez

Why is it that when I’m happy
They seem mad

Why is it when I smile
They look sad

I look in the mirror
And wonder if it’s me that they see
Is it something in my teeth?

What could it be?

I try so very hard to be liked
Only to be hated

I must change

Should I change my hair?
(No) the voice said

Should I change the way that I talk?
(No) The voice yelled

Should I change the way I dress?
(Dammit I said nooo)

Then what should I change
I wanted to be loved Sadeyez

You are well put together by the
Hands of God

You are beautiful and much
More just the way you are

To hell with what they think
2 change 4 them is 2 be
Fake 2 you

So love you 1st
And the rest
Will follow

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