I’ve walked down many roads
But this one has to be the longest
The mellow cool breeze and the beautiful sky
With the peaceful sound of birds chirping is the calmest
Feeling at an all time high
Relaxed and relieved of stress
Now that I’m renewed and clear
I can truly say I’m blessed
Now I feel bold and confident
Because I overcame my fears
I used to feel expectant and challenged
Because of the pressure of my peers
I no longer feel like that lost little boy
I was scared and so alone
Now I am a man
Brave and anxious to right my wrongs
The road used to be a million miles long
Now it’s a joyful walk
On my short journey home
I hated myself for a long time
Feeling bitter and scorn
Now I’m open-hearted
And my insides are cozy and warm
I love feeling empowered and satisfied
Now that I’m reborn


  1. Tony Keith on July 10, 2017 at 11:20 AM

    What I appreciate the most about this poem is the tone — it’s unapologetically emotional and honest and rooted in triumph.

    I also like the brave choice of imagery – “mellow cool breeze, chirping in the calmest”

    I think this line is really effective in communicating the poem’s purpose:

    “The road used to be a million miles long, now it’s a joyous walk
    on my short journey home”

    Excellent work.

    • Katie on August 6, 2017 at 11:37 AM

      I agree with Tony the line “The road used to be a million miles long, now it’s a joyous walk
      on my short journey home” really stands out, especially in contrast to the beginning “I’ve walked down many roads, But this one has to be the longest.” I take from that the idea that how we feel about ourselves and our place in the world has a big impact on how we experience the same distance.

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