Peculiarities of Love


There is so much power in this word.
Four letters,
one syllable,
and stored within it,
the power to change the whole entire world.

Many people refuse to believe in love at first sight,
and yet, if you were to ask
your very own mother what it was like
to contemplate your existence
for the very first time;
to see your small body,
to see your small hands,
and at once be able to grasp, then comprehend
that you were by far
the most perfect extension of her.
She will tell you
there was nothing other than love
for you in her eyes.

Then there is the true love of a father
for his own lovely child.
Even if you haven’t witnessed this love,
hopefully one day you will hold
the blood of your blood,
believe it is real, and you will no longer need
to live the rest of your life in denial.

Then there is the other side of love,
the one that keeps pulling us together,
trying to diminish the distance
that divides our lonely souls
It goes jumping from one heart onto the next,
giving us reason after reason
to smile, to laugh, to hug.

Love is also the silliest of bugs.
It morphs,
from a friendship into maybe a little
something more.
It draws the best within our beings,
giving us reasons to look up into the sky,
to wish, to imagine, to dreams, and to hope.

This bug can be transmitted in a smile,
and maybe through the sparks within our eyes
Maybe in the slightest of a touch
of our hands
as we talked,
unaware of how the hours passed us by.
Maybe it was the way her dress fluttered in the wind
to remind me that I’m alive
Maybe it was the smell of her perfume,
or the way her hair glowed
under the moonlight and the bright stars.

Four letters,
one syllable,
and stored within it,
the power to change my little world.

About this poem: This poem speaks of the power of love. It lists some examples from the bigger picture all the way to the smallest picture. It touches on motherly, fatherly, friendly, platonic and romantic love in that order from stanza #2 through #6. But wait! There is more! My beloved reader, if you were kind enough to read the poem backwards from #7 to #1, you should be able to imagine a love story unraveling going from a first date all the way to the couple being proud parents and ready to take on the whole world. This is my Happy Valentine’s Day to you and may every day of your life be a day in which you feel loved and cherished. For what it’s worth, I love you dear reader. Thank you for your time. As always, enjoy!  

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