A New Story

A new community, new surroundings, new peers
A new school, new anxiety, new fears
A new hangout, new activities, new dangers
A new argument, new fight, new anger

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To My Peeps

I want to let you know
how you made me feel tonight

Tryna convey my emotions to words
will not suffice

A simple ‘thank you’ seems mediocre
Because you deserve so much more

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When I think of power, I envision someone
Who can move mountains
In a poor, famine country he can build a fountain
Giving people free blissful water

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Peculiarities of Love

There is so much power in this word. Four letters, one syllable, and stored within it, the power to change the whole entire world. Many people refuse to believe in…

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We Are All Kin

By QS You are our sons and daughters Whether we birth you into this world or not That’s what the elders would say to the babies While telling ancient stories…

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