Breeze of Time

Sometimes I feel
As if my shadow has walked too far ahead,
As if I’ve been left behind to contemplate
The things I do remember
And the things I did forget.

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Nostalgic Paintings: That One Song

I still remember those moonlit nights all those years ago.
I was just a child,
But the memory of your face will never go.
These nostalgic paintings
Created on the canvas of my head
Will always hold your voice, your warmth, your smile.

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In My Mind

In my mind’s eye,
I see so many things.
I’ve been frozen for eternity,
forever preserving
their beauty and sentimentality.

In my mind,
they can remain untouched,
perfect that way,
as beautiful as I perceived
them to be when beheld

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Remembering My People

By PJ Look at my people And Grandma’s slow movement In her knee-length gown, slippers on Braids cover her head, like a crown I love her bold features, her high…

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Not Forgotten

By TTB I am just an afterthought To a world that is constantly moving But then… I am a wish to those who remember And miss me

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