My Feelings Burn


The most fragile part of me is our strongest connection
Your kisses live in my memory with the possibility that now offer me completion
I’m so well and it’s strange to be
I’m torn by misdirection
You are my queen, my ambassador
You amplify my aspirations
So, beautiful, I live for you as you live for me

This is such a happy ever after
You travel miles and pass the finish line
We’re starting on time
My tongue bears your name
If they knew where to look, they would find it
You showed me I am “I” because you are forever magnificent
The most amazing story ever told
So much more to be written, thank you

I only pray that my lips are as soft as yours
My wisdom flows so fluently from my mind
Your eyes read so truly of my spirit
Your laughter speaks the clarity of time
You are the “I” that I admire

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