My Family


Me & my girl, we’re having a baby, so now I have a family to provide for
The mission is to get outta here early, capture success, regain what I lost, and a whole lot more

Those two mean the world to me, an’ I’ll go to the end of the earth for them
One is my future wife, one is my soon to be son, and both the two are more valuable than any diamond, jewel, or gem

Also I refuse to let any harm come to them by any fool, joker, or clown
An’ I will never forget that—there is no way I’m going to let them down
‘Cause they give me strength, and without them I’m nothing
A husband & a father—now that’s something

So when I get home I’m getting on my hustle the legal way
No more streets for me ‘cause when I come home, I’m here to stay
Gotta get a nine to five, nothing but job hunting for me
Dope boy no more, working man is all I can be

I’m going to be in my son’s life, and no more having my girl up worrying & waiting by the phone for me to call an say I’m alright
I’m going to be the one taking him to school in the morning, at work in the day, and in the bed next to her at night

I’m just going to carry myself in a manner so manly
‘Cause there is no room for failure,
And I’m just going to be the man I’m supposed to be
For My Family

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  1. Tracy on December 11, 2012 at 2:57 PM

    Beautiful!! You really touched my heart! Godspeed on your journey!!!Thank you for sharing!!
    You really are inspirational!!

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