Jim Crow


A Nation divided by frustration.
From racism, slipknots in a noose
Resulting in Asphyxiation.
Just from looking…at a woman that’s Caucasian.

I now know that liberty for all is a fraud,
And the symmetry dividing a friend and enemy
Is the line between the grave of a slave
And a “white” man’s ideology.

Like biology, I learned to dissect through
The flesh of a frog’s false reality,
That it can live in freedom
In protection of nature.

But like me
(Emmett Till)
He’s captured
For a tortuous experiment
Caused by hatred.

It’s like my soul feels
The vibrations
Of a tortured slave’s scream,
Begging for liberation.

Losing patience….
So I’m pacing….
In my cell praying
To God for blessings.

But my fundamental nature
is God’s essence.
So everyday I wake up
I’m in God’s presence.

This is God’s lesson.
If John 10:34 is true
Then I’m a vessel
For the miracle of God’s message.


  1. Jordyn Salmon says

    Wow, the points you bring up regarding racism and injustice in the United States are so powerful. My hope is that you are able to further use poetry or some other art form to bring attention to the issues that mean the most to you, and that you take charge of your future, perhaps through your religion.

  2. JS,

    Your poem is truly powerful. I think many people can understand your frustrations and the injustice that you talk about. Our nation is divided as you say and the issues that are mentioned in your poem are some problems that have continued for so long. Change can happen whether it is by writing poems or protesting. Thank you for sharing your worries and bring light to such relevant issues.

  3. JS,

    Your poem is truly amazing.
    I not only enjoyed how you expressed so many different issues and injustices in our country, but the way in which you presented and wrote about them was powerful.
    I feel as though you have such great power to spark change through your poetry and I thank you for sharing this piece with the world!

  4. JS–
    Thank you so much for your poem. Your writing is incredible and lyrical, but even more than that, you highlighted the racism, hypocrisy, and hatred that is present in white America. I really appreciated getting the opportunity to read your poem, and please continue to write and share your voice and hopefully I’ll be able to read more of your poetry. Your poem is going to be on my mind for a long while, so thank you again for it.

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