Always Had My Mother


Dedicated To My Moms

I seen my mother go through withdrawals
I smelled the heroin coming out of her pores

There was days I had nothing
There was nights I had nothing
But my mother

We used to pray 4 better days
Momma always made a way

There was times I didn’t have no food
There was times I didn’t have fresh shoes
But I had my mother

Momma always held strong
She never worried that my father was long gone
There was times I couldn’t get love from my own kind
There was moments that I second guessed my own friends
But I always had my mother


  1. AH, I really liked the way you wrote this. I can tell you appreciate your mom’s attempt to care for you even if the food was not always there or your dad was not there either.

  2. This is a very moving poem. I am proud of the writer! Thank you!

  3. Such a powerful poem, AH. Your mother should be proud of the amazing writer and wonderful person that you’ve become. I’m so glad you shared this.

  4. Andre Williams says

    AH, your poem is very touching. I like how you explained the relationship that you and your mother have. Continue to grow and become a better individual for yourself and your mother.

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