Dear Mama

Dear Mama, I want you to know that I love you so much.
Through all the hard times, you held your head up.

Dear Mama, you work so hard five days a week.
Just so I could have clothes, a roof over my head
And something to eat.

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Mothers of the Movement

“Mothers of the Movement”
A group of strong women who seek to have the senseless killings stop
Who’s tired of weeping, when another youth is killed by gun violence

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Mom I Wonder Why

By MC When I had my appendicitis And my first major surgery You were right there And I felt your compassion, concern, and care When my feet would break out…

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Always Had My Mother

By AH Dedicated To My Moms I seen my mother go through withdrawals I smelled the heroin coming out of her pores There was days I had nothing There was…

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By GB   The woman that raised me since birth, the same woman that cleaned me after I’ve been playing in dirt. She read me stories, then tucked me into…

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