See ma I was thinking

How I been in trouble so many times

‘N you was there

I wish I can take back them times

‘N show you I care

Not just by staying out of trouble

But education-wise

I just want to show you

The next time I will shine!


  1. I do like this. I am sure if and when you get out, you turn your life around and your mom will be proud of you. You just have to want to change for yourself, and you have to be determined. I like this poem, it shows your emotion and it shows that you never wanted things to end up like they have, but it’s never to late to change. It might be tough, but just keep doing good and don’t give up and You will show the world that you have truly changed. Best of Luck to You!! Keep your Head up!!

  2. Shine on!! 🙂

  3. Andre Williams says

    AT, I enjoyed your poem because you showed that you took the time to reflect on the mistakes you have made in the past and you let them fuel you to become a better individual.

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