Things of That Nature


Yeah they say I grew up where I’m not wanted.
Where my surroundings are beautiful,
and all the others growing look different than me.

But who’s to blame?
‘Cause I know I was planted here for a reason.
Even if the world don’t know or see.

They trust all the others,
with their pretty faces that just make you give them attention.

And their sharp bodies that make people be careful how they handle them,
if touching them is their intention.

Who’s to say I’m not just as beautiful, and deserve some respect and power?
Cause even though they’re roses and I’m a dandelion,
I’m still considered a flower.


  1. Reid Baron says:

    Yes you are. Nice job.

  2. Dandelions are resilient and learn to grow in the hardest of places. Keep growing and learning.

  3. Catherine Davis says:

    I’m sorry that you have been treated this way. Your words are powerful. You deserve to be treated kindly and with respect. I will share your words with people that need to hear them. I hope that you continue writing and find peace of mind in creating poetry. Thank you for sharing your words and thoughts.

  4. I loved the metaphor about roses and dandelions. The poem is very beautiful and I am so glad you shared it.

  5. Jon Kazor says:

    Everyone has value in life, no matter race, color, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and no one should be defined by the worst thing they have done since we are all born sinners. Remember, you have value and don’t let anyone step on you and tell you that you don’t!

    Love, trust, praise God

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