The Gift of Flowers


A seed is planted in the fertile lands inside my mind.
I faintly hear it turning into a beautiful idea
as if, I heard a voice trying to speak to me
through time, through the distance
and through any obstacles that there might be.

But I pay attention to it and nurture it
until it transforms into a thought
with roots spreading fast;
Trunk, branches, leaves,
and then there are flowers, at last.

I cut one of those flowers and offer it
to a kind soul willing to hear what it’s about.
And I know that I can share any of these flowers
as long as none of them is meant to do any harm.

I give you the flowers that only grow inside my mind,
because I have the freedom to express
the things that I can only see with my own eyes.

We have the right to show the world what lies within our hearts;
The right to declare that we are alive;
And the power to show them exactly who we are.


About this poem: to write a speech or poem about what the phrase “freedom of speech” means.  


  1. The nature imagery you use is really beautiful. What’s more free than nature after all? I get the sense that you are a free-spirit with a strong voice that’s persevered through a lot to get to where it has. Freedom of speech is speaking your truth, the one only you know, and no one can take that away from you. I’d love to read more of your poems and see more into your thoughts and what your truth is.

  2. I love how you correspond the idea of a natural right- freedom of speech- with nature. Your descriptive language makes it seem as though I am in your shoes, experiencing a new idea. Keep writing!

  3. Valerie T. says

    Great piece of writing! The last paragraph is really powerful that we as individuals have a right to speak what we are feeling and show that our opinions have meaning and power.

  4. carlos guzman says

    Hello AC,

    I want to congratulate you on a very beautiful poem! I really enjoyed the your choice of words to describe freedom of speech, and how we all have the ability to share our thoughts for a greater good. I particularly enjoyed the metaphors you used to describe how ideas are like seed and if you “nurture” them they are able to grow into creative thoughts (similar to a tree that bares flowers and fruit).

    Another theme I was able to translate from your poem is that of nature, how trees and plants are crucial to our existence. Humans are embedded into nature, we are in fact natural creatures, and it seems as if people in our society forget sometimes. This poem does a very good job at integrating the idea of speech and nature into one powerful message.

    Most importantly, I enjoy the idea of sharing positive thought because during this time of crisis it is very important to keep a conscious mind of others, and we need to be compassionate to one another. Times are very tough, so it is essential as humans we are able to create positive messages in order to ease tensions, anxieties and pain many of us may be feeling.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this poem. I am writing to you because I am a member of a community engagement class. I will be graduating soon from college and I have the opportunity to work on rewarding work like this! Continue to write because it manifests so many beautiful thoughts. Thank you!

    -Carlos G

  5. Ray Ryan says

    I think that’s really cool!!! I like that take on freedom of speech and the message you’re sending of sharing a flower to share the potential of what we are capable of without harm it’s very calm, collective and inspiring!!!

  6. Kayelynn says


    Gorgeous poem. I really liked that you compared our thoughts to blooming flowers that can be shared as a metaphor for free speech. The line, “The right to declare that we are alive” stuck out to me as well because sharing our thoughts with others is a way to state that we are here and we have something to say. Phenomenal writing!

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