Mom I Wonder Why


When I had my appendicitis
And my first major surgery
You were right there
And I felt your compassion, concern, and care

When my feet would break out every summer
And I couldn’t walk without pain
You were right there
And I felt your compassion, concern, and care

When I had that heart attack
And had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance
You were right there
And I felt your compassion, concern, and care

When I had my tonsillectomy
And hemorrhaged all that blood
You were right there
And I felt your compassion, concern, and care

Yes, anytime in my life, I’ve suffered
An ailment that was clearly physical
You were right there
And I felt your compassion, concern, and care

But when I was distraught over our move
From the only home I’d ever known
Even though you were right there
I didn’t feel your compassion, concern, or care

And when I was homeless
And being abused by my brother-in-law
You were not there
And I didn’t feel you compassion, concern, or care

And when the depression and anxiety took over
And I turned to you for help
Though you were right there
I did not get your compassion, concern, or care

Now that I am locked away from everyone I love
And I feel more alone than ever before
Though when I call you, you are physically there
I no longer feel your compassion, concern, or care

Why anytime I’ve suffered ailments that aren’t physical
Though the pain is still very, very real
You are never there
With your compassion, concern, or care?

Always Had My Mother


Dedicated To My Moms

I seen my mother go through withdrawals
I smelled the heroin coming out of her pores

There was days I had nothing
There was nights I had nothing
But my mother

We used to pray 4 better days
Momma always made a way

There was times I didn’t have no food
There was times I didn’t have fresh shoes
But I had my mother

Momma always held strong
She never worried that my father was long gone
There was times I couldn’t get love from my own kind
There was moments that I second guessed my own friends
But I always had my mother




The woman that raised me since birth,

the same woman that cleaned me after I’ve been playing in dirt.

She read me stories, then tucked me into bed,

and when I done wrong, she’d never hesitated to go across my head.

When I was ill or came down with a cold, she was my doctor,

and when I had a role in the school play, she was my director.

My mamma is great, Ma used to help me with my homework, and even a spelling test.

Then Ma would send me off to school with a smile & kiss,

and she’d say, “Don’t worry I know you’ll do your best.”

My mother’s cooking is amazing; everything is delicious and made with love.

I know there’s a God, ‘cause my mother is a gift from the heavens above.

Ma was there when that girl broke my heart,

 She’s the one that repaired it, and said, “This is just the start.”

I can go on & on about how good my mother is, but this poem will never be done.

So never take your mother for granted, you only get one.

A wise woman said that, “that’s why I can’t imagine life without her…

I just don’t wanna.”

She’s my rock, the leader of my support team,

some call her L, some call her auntie,

but I call her Mamma

My Nine Months is Up


I have waited which has seem to

be forever for the day that I must be born which is

today, this small body of mine seems not to be wanting to leave

this isolated womb but my mind is telling me that there is a different

and better world outside of this womb of a mother whom I haven’t yet


I bet she is going to be the best mother of all because it is her who

has been feeding me whatever I desire for these past 9 months,

I can’t wait to be taught everything that she knows, I wanna

know about the earth, mother nature, my nationality &

those who have sacrificed their life just so

that the next generation like myself can have freedom and when I’m

born I do wish to see the open arms of my father whose duty is to

spend as much time with me as possible instead of spending

it on something that isn’t gonna benefit me to become-

a real man, I wish that he teaches

me to overcome myself because it will kill me if I become a statistic,

I don’t wanna end up selling drugs just because I wasn’t

taught any other way to be independent, I don’t wanna gang

bang- against my own culture just because I was

taught that was the only way to solve a


I don’t wanna end up being some

Body- with a thousand excuses of why I

haven’t got an education and a job and I would hate the most

to end up like someone who is too indolent to think for himself and

expect for things to get done by wishes and


I want to be strong not just physically but also mentally and spiritually-

I want to be a leader and not a follower, I want to have

a patterning in my life instead of just waking up

in the morning and not knowing what to do

with myself,

I want to be a man who fights

for what he believes in, A man who knows his creator (God)

and last of all I want to be a father and a husband who knows how to

cherish his children and wife because a man with many children and a

good wife is a man with many blessings


a good life.


Looking for a Smile


Looking for something just to put a smile on my face.

A smirk, a grin, a giggle if not a minute for just a second of all day.

Look through my outside view there’s nothing that makes me feel that way.

Look through my cell door, that just killed my day.

Although it’s sunny outside and it’s people in here

I have saw nothing to make a smile on my face appear.

I close my eyes, go to sleep, and hope all my troubles just disappear.

I wake up, “Rec. time” I called my mother…lol

that’s how I found my smile to appear!